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Aus der Dunkelheit ins Licht: Gedankenwandel seit 2013

Life goes on (Emoter Lyrics)

Ich bin vor Kurzem über einen neuen Künstler namens Emoter gestoßen. Da mir YouTube-Music immer automatisch Musik aufs Handy lädt, die mir scheinbar gefällt – war beim letzten Update folgender Song dabei:

Genaugenommen würde ich jetzt nicht sagen, dass es ein Lied ist. Allerdings finde ich den Text sehr motivierend und aufbauend. Ich mein, es gibt oft Phasen in meinem Leben, die genau das, was da besprochen wird, umfassen. Leider konnte ich keine Lyrics dazu finden – ergo Do It Yourself – Ich habe mir den Text jetzt mal rausgeschrieben, wird sich gut als Poster machen:

life goes on

the days blend together,
one into the next

wake, eat, sleep, repeat

day in day out
the unforgiving circle reads agains our drive to make sense of it all
who are we
though in the back of our mind
we find and get rid of hope
and dream different than the day before
waiting for something incredible to unfold
to be nurtured, to flurish

eat, sleep, dance, repeat

looking angward on our travels
we start off in a sprint
to take each day and try to define what those 24 hours will bring
only to realize that it’s not the day that is important but ourself,
our sence of beeing,
our sence of belonging,
our sence of purpose

run, eat, sleep, repeat

sometimes we ride the river of life,
taking each turn around
one bin to the next
we are nervous, angeous, not sure we’ll make it
but we do

eat, sleep, swim, repeat

we know on this journey
we are not riding solo or alone
our family,
our friends,
our neighbors
and strangers are on a unique ride of their life,
their journey

if we are able to join hands with those
we care for,
wish the best for
and develop affection for
than the ride changes course of it and becomes not as difficult

eat, sleep, love, repeat

when we are awaken to to the reality that sometimes life is not fair,
or it seems a lot more challenging than we expected or wanted
than we embrace that which calms us down and stairs are straight

eat, pray, love

so as the days blend together,
one into the next when nothing seems to change

stop and redirect your head
out of that circle of despair or hopelessness
uncover that hidden spirit that is within and always surrounds you,
open its magic door to display its natural beauty
and let it grab hold of your heart

you’ll be on the ride of your life
and if the day does not turn out the way you intended
do not bury, the next day is right around the corner

life goes on

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